‘Merica Ending

,,,not the country but our Sunday series!  The best is yet to come and you won’t want to miss this finale, which includes communion during the service.

If you’ve never participated in communion, thought it was strange, or just want to understand why its done and, most important, how making it a part of your life can make America (and your life) great again; do everything you can to attend and bring a friend.  Bringing someone with you always makes your church experience more exciting!

Our new series, “Neighborhood” begins next week and to help motivate you to bring neighbors with you, we’re giving away a brand new Kindle tablet to whomever brings the most guests to The Lounge during the series (Aug 7 – Aug. 28).  Once you’ve brought someone they can participate too!  Get started by using the invite cards that are available each week.

Pastor Mike