Soul Man

Soul Man

I am soul man – it’s not just a song that the Blues Brothers sang, you are a soul man or soul woman.  The reason our lives become filled with so much anxiety, stress, relational disconnection, and lack of contentment is because we’ve gotten away from caring for our soul. You are a soul.  It’s not only what you are, it’s who you are.  Sure, you have a body but it’s your soul that can be lost and your soul (you) that God desires to restore.
Dione Dean writes, “I believe that the reason our souls are so broken is because we’ve turned our focus outward instead of inward.  Literally, we look to social media to sustain us, spending hours comparing our lives to people that we will never meet, who are comparing themselves to people they will never meet, and so on and so forth.  We end up putting our lives up against strangers and putting ourselves down for not meeting standards, they themselves cannot meet.  Stop it!”

It Makes a Difference

Do you like helping people move forward to a better life?  I absolutely love it when I can be a part of somebody improving their quality of living.  Now allow me to rant for a moment.  There is little that bugs me more than wasting my time attempting to help make a difference for someone who isn’t willing to change how they approach things.  The definition of stupidity is to continue the same approach yet expect difference results.  Read more…

Feeling Good

What do you do in order to feel good – and is it working as well as it could?  John, chapter 4, is a story about Jesus who is engaged in a conversation with someone I refer to as the “shady lady of Sychar”.  What is interesting is that this story is really about two people who want to feel good.  Jesus is wearied and hungry from the long journey so He sends the disciples for a take-out order of food.  Read more…