Do you have to change to be comfortable around those you work with?  How about church?  Do you change from how you are at work in order to be comfortable there?  How much would it change your life if you could just be you no matter where you are?  These are some of the questions I want to consider this Sunday. 


Romans 8:29 says that God predestined us to be conformed to the image of Jesus.  I don’t believe that means God does not want you to just be you.  It cannot mean living completely free of sin and its effect.  The Apostle Paul calls himself the worst of sinners.  It also does not mean just acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God.  James tells us that even demons do that.  Nor does it mean being the same as every other believer because the Bible says that we have different gifts, talents, and ministries. 


This Sunday I want to unpack what being conformed really means because until we embrace its true meaning, it opens us up to a life of hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy is one of the biggest reasons given as to why people do not want to go to church.  I believe if we could learn to just be ourselves we would be a lot more comfortable no matter where we are and would be a much more effective witness to the world. 


Come discover how to just be you.


Pastor Mike